Amfora Cup




Bus 1:

08:30 Delfin - Stadium

TUS Essen (FIRST MATCH 09.00)



SV Ebersbach (first match 10:30)


11:00 Delfin - Stadium

TSV Kuppingen (first match 11.30)


Bus 2:

Lanterna - Zelena Laguna - Stadium



FSV Witten (U13) (First  MATCH 10:30)  



DJK Weildorf (u17) (First  MATCH 11:30)  



Afternoon schedule:


Bus 1:

Stadium – Zelena Laguna



TUS Essen

DJK Weildorf (u17)



SV Ebersbach

TSV Kuppingen2

TSV Kuppingen1


Bus 2:

20:00 Zelena Laguna - Lanterna

FSV Witten (U13)

DJK Weildorf (u17)


Amfora Cup 2015, Poreč, Croatia

May 23rd-24th, 2015

Dear sports friends,

we would like to wish you a warm welcome to Poreč.       

The development strategy of a destination implies the placement of a quality programme in pre- and post season as a motivation for the arrival of guests to Poreč. This is the very reason for welcoming this football tournament to our destination.

In view of this town's long tradition of hosting athletes of various profiles and age categories, we are proud to say there hasn't been a sport tournament we have not hosted.

We are set apart from our surrounding destinations not only by our accommodation quality but also by our enviable sport infrastructure: 5 sports halls, more than 120 tennis courts, about ten football fields, a training track etc. We are sure Poreč is a right choice for your quality vacation and sport-related preparations.

We offer excellent restaurants, taverns, wine cellars and olive oil roads to all lovers of good gastronomy and excursions. Apart from our most valued cultural sight (the 6th century Euphrasian Basilica), there is a protected geomorphological natural monument  in the near vicinity of Poreč called the Baredine Cave with 5 magnificent halls and the endemic olm.

This sport tournament represents an opportunity for inviting your parents or friends to get together in the capital of Croatian tourism – Poreč.

Become a part of our sport story – You complete us             

Nenad Velenik

Director Tourist Office of the City of Porec